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I was complaining about my lack of knowledge in African literature the other day, and hey presto, this pops up: . It is the Swedish Bokmässa (book fair) on September 23-26, and I am contemplating a visit. I have only been to one book fair, which was last year in Forum, Copenhagen. And although it was extremely crowded and sweaty, it was really fun to browse around the different publishing houses and see what people were writing these days. Plus, Sweden is not such a bad place to be in 🙂 If you have any tips on African literature that is a must-read do tell. I am almost finished with Adichies’ ‘The Thing Around Your Neck’, and I can’t wait to get started on her previous book. It really is a good compilation of short stories. Too bad it will be over so soon.


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    Turið 27/06/2010

    “The Ladies Detective Agancy”. Hví? Tí man kann hoyra tí herligu afrikonsku akksentina í orðunum: “Ded samouan steal your cauw!” 😀
    Hvar í Svøríki er bókamessan?

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      Penciltwister 27/06/2010

      Ja eg má fara at lesa hasa 😀
      Bókamessan er í Göteborg.

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        Turið 28/06/2010

        Hon er skide cool. Stór, stuttlig and all.

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