Scrample splickets

Since this post will be an array of topics I couldn’t decide on what to call it. So I made it up.

My prize book packet has arrived. I was not to be kept in suspense for long, even though it stated that it could take up to 4 weeks after the draft to receive the books. They came on Tuesday already. And so, with no further delay, may I present to you:

Book packet from Lindhardt & Ringhof

The lucky three to have entered my domicile

What we have here is Michael Katz Krefeld’s ‘Protokollen’ (The Protocol), Charlotte Weitze’s Sværmeri (Romance) and Martin Hall’s Kinoplex. Now, I don’t like to sound ungrateful, but I highly doubt I will be reading the second one, and most certaintly not the first (with a text on the back introducing the plot like so: A car bomb kills twenty three at a fashionable restaurant in Copenhagen center. Everything hints at a terrorist attack, but no one has yet to take responsibility. It just reeks to much of tabloid literature for me to want to use time analysing it), so if you are in the neighborhood or want all of a sudden to spend 80,- on coffee at Ricco’s downtown on me (and you) in order to get your hands on them, you know where to buzz. But the third one intrigues me. So not getting that one, I will however be happy to share what it’s like when I’ve read it.

In other happy news I have finally submitted my translation of a youth novel from English to Faroese to the publishers. I am looking forward to seeing the bloodbath (or as a Faroese would say: grindadráp) that will or will not come hailing down on paper when they look through it. Joke aside, it is really nice to have it off my shoulders, and there is something to be said about completing one task before going on with the next. So I gave myself a well deserved time off consisting of a bubble bath, candles, a book, some tea and chocolate, I mean I went all girly on myself. And now it’s back to business, this time cramming my brain in exam mode, steering towards the best 15-pages internship assignment that has ever entered KUA’s premises. It will change the meaning of assignments, people after me are going to go: “You did what? Nooo man, where have you been, that’s not how you write internship assignments, that is such a B.J. entry.”

Anyhoo, I have also been contemplating a blog challenge for myself. It has nagged my that my entries are so sporadic, even though I told myself I would never let the blog run my day, and only write when I felt I had something to share. This will still be the case, but I have been toying with the idea of structuring myself a little more. So I’m thinking of making a booklist to follow and hence write about. I have been around different lists, you know the classic ‘100 titles you must have read otherwise you are the most ignorant person on the face of the earth’ and ’80 titles that are so fantastic, the content must be so too’. But most of them are constructed by someone who is either totally eurocentric (aka – French, English, German literature, with a hint of colonial travel to the darkest pits of Africa or the most erotic parts of the Middle East – also know as the Orient of that genre) or americentric (with a very high emphasis on the individual struggle with…. drumroll please…. the individual! – in national settings). So I am going on a literary voyage across the world, trying not to leave any stone unturned (with the slight downside that I only speak so many languages, so original works in Aramaic and Russian are out unless translated). Aaaand, I will not only be reading novels, but would love to broaden the field with poetry, biographies, comics, etc. If you have any good suggestions, wether heard through the grapevine or read yourself, I would love to hear about it. I am hoping to compile this list so that come the turn of the year, I can go right onboard project “Read and blog your way through the world”.


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    Tina 25/11/2010

    You can cover Jamaica with Wide Sargasso Sea 🙂

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      Penciltwister 26/11/2010

      Sounds like a good idea, I read a paper on Jane Eyre for my Orientalism course that also pointed to the “mad woman in the attic”, and I had never really given wife nr 1 much attention. Consider it on my list 🙂

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