Nobel Prize in Literature 2011


Update: Tomas Tranströmer, nobel laureate.

The man with his very own literary prize, Tranströmerpriset (established in 1997, with a money prize of 100,000 SEK), has just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature 2011. Tomas Tranströmer has been a popular guess for the Nobel Prize for quite a lot of years along with Syrian poet Adonis. His poetry has been translated into over 60 languages. The commission explained their choice as follows:



The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011 was awarded to Tomas Tranströmer “because, through his condensed, transluscent images, he gives us fresh access to reality.”1

Tomas Tranströmer was born in 1931 in Sweden. The Nobel Prize in Literature went to Maria Vargas Llosa in 2010, and other Nobel laureates include Günter Grass, Pablo Neruda, John Steinbeck and the very first Nobel laureate 110 years ago, Sully Prudhomme, in 1901.


The committee will announce the Nobel Prize in Literature at 1 pm CET and it will be streamed on’s website.

A lot of people are betting on popular names such as Murakami (Japan) and Bob Dylan (USA), and of course there are the recurring names Adonis (Syria) and Tranströmer (Sweden). Who do you think will be this years winner?

1: “The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011”. 6 Oct 2011

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