Closed doors, open windows and all that jazz

Wow, middle of April my optimistic self! It’s been so long since my last update, I don’t know how to pick it up again.
I handed in my thesis on fanfiction in the beginning of April – such a weird feeling, just letting go of a 6-month project with no opportunity of making revisions. For a whole week after I made mental notes, questioned my thesis in my dreams and woke up with argumentative sentences flying around my head like cartoon birds after a knock-out 🙂 Did you know the whole world could revolve around fanfiction, I mean everything is connected to fanfiction, it truly is!!! (deactivate looney blip).
After all the bubbly and strawberry tarts and good wishes and waking up beside myself, I went on a three-week siesta to Seattle, self-claimed coffee-capital of the world. And they do make a lot of coffee and a lot of good coffee. I sat around in café’s (made a rookie failure and went into a Starbuck’s on my very first day – I blame the jet lag), drank latte’s and mocha’s and read Virginia Woolf essays and researched some more fanfiction, until my boyfriend was kind enough to tell me that I didn’t need to research anymore; I was done. What a blow! I was ready to pull out my “we are not in the 50’s anymore and I will not be reduced to a cand.mag.-housewife”-talk, but good thing for him a well hidden smile crept up right after that, or I might have had to go all Amazonian warrior feminist on his ph.d.-expected arse! I must admit; I have had my doubts about the truly bipolar experience the American lifestyle would be to experience. But to see just how friendly everyone was, I feel ashamed. Ashamed! I say. I mean, the bus driver greats you at the door, people thank him for the ride. Even snooty hipsters in Seattle are more friendly than your local CPH-porridge-eating-hipster…
Anyways, three days after I landed in CPH from a three-week trip to Seattle, I again took off on a very exciting mission that took me to that little blip in the North Atlantic Ocean known as the Faroe Islands. And guess what?! I just landed my first grown-up job!!! Seriously, I kid you not, it is possible for a humanist to get a job before spending at least six months on the dole and bottle slash park bench. I will tell you all about the job in my next post, but suffice to say, I am over the moon and then some!

So this is just my official “I-will-resume-my-blogging-now-!” post. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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