My birthday

Two days ago I turned 28. The magic of birthdays has gone a long time ago, but it is still a good excuse for feeling extra special, like you deserve some credit for making it this far.
The day started well of with morning-coffee and buns, lots of congratulations on different channels and when I went to my mailbox I found a very sweet card from my boyfriend and a copy of the not-yet released book about the Price brothers, courtesy of Gyldendal and my speedy fingers on their review-site. Initially I am thinking that their life has already been spilled all over DR’s channel 2 (+ the book is an upgrade from Lone Kühlmann’s previously released book about them) and not a lot of new insider stuff of interest can be crammed into the book, but I am hoping that I will be proven wrong.
Spending my afternoon half in the kitchen (no misogynistic comments please) and half on the internet, I managed to produce lots of food for my party in the evening AND score Karen Blixen’s ‘Winter’s Tales’ for my #fridaybook contribution on Twitter, and the whole thing just created a happy buzz for the day.
In the evening my friends came over in the best mood ever (thank you guys!) and we started the party off with a bubbly strawberry/pineapple drink, followed by food in profusion and even more bubbly. Then Jakob came in with the cake, covered in candles and I opened my gifts. We spent the whole night with lots of laughs and talk.

So, the day turned out to be… well, magical.


Jenny - 28 and happy

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    Turið 22/06/2010

    Nåååå…happy birthday, sis!

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