Newly acquired books

I was in Gothenburg from Wednesday to Friday to visit my sister and her boyfriend with my mother. It was great fun, although I missed my weekly food club (major bummer)!!

On Friday we went to a district called Haga and there were so many charming little streets, with so many adorable little shops and cute little café’s, that I would gladly recommend it to anyone going to Gothenburg. It’s worth the stroll and luckily for us it was hot, hot, hot. So we sat outside Jacob’s eating white chocolate cheesecake with mango sauce and drinking latte’s, enjoying the sun. And afterwards we went into Clara bookstore to browse through Mucha posters and English classic literature. We also went through tea shops and gadgets shops and antique shops and in every little shop there were smiles and greetings. Truly a happy-go-lucky day (or as they say in Danish – lalleglad) 🙂

When me and my mom went back to Copenhagen my bags were filled with newly acquired stuff – a handbag and a dress from Indiska, a ‘The Bitch Is Sleeping’-mask for my beau who hates my intensively used night-light, but most importantly 5 books in Swedish by different authors and nationalities. And when I got home, sweet little Herta Müller was in my mailbox awaiting my return… well, her book ‘Der Mensch ist ein grosser Fasan auf der Welt’, was in my mailbox. But she is welcome to it any day.

Books in Swedish (and one in German)

I am starting to look incredibly much forward to summer holidays where I can fall off the planet with my books and a steaming jug of java.
I wish you all a good Saturday, happy trails.

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